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Gotts Surname Family History


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Ridgeway, New York State, USA  (John 106 family)

On the south shore of Lake Ontario, Ridgeway was the destination for several families emigrating from rural Norfolk around 1851, many of whom settled in and around the town of Ridgeway to find work in farming and quarrying. By 1860 about half the inhabitants of the northern area of the county were recent emigrants, all striving to adapt to a very different lifestyle and, not least, climate.

Albion Main Street, Ridgeway  

 Orleans County tugboat

Photos Source: Ernest Gotts

 George 134 and Ann Waterson

Among them were George 134 (1810-92), of East Ruston, and his wife Ann 142 Waterson (1815-90), m Hempstead in 1832, along with their five sons and one daughter:

Boxwood cemetery, Ridgeway

Resting place of many Gottses from Orleans County

040 - 15 USA George 134 Gotts in Ontario

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