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040 - 13 - 3 Charles’s weightlifting career

Charles’s Weightlifting career

Having trawled the newspapers in the British Library collection we can now see just how successful Charles was:

Champion-ships won


Northern Counties

British Amateur

Other Info


Competed Middleweight


2nd: Mdwt


3rd: Mdwt



11st: Won

12st: Won

Nov: 11st: competed, not Won

Nov: 11 st Won

Oct: Right hand clean and jerk 188lb @10st 13lb

British Record



Jul: 12st: runner up

Aug: competed



Apr: 12st Won

new British 12st record

Lt heavywt: lost to HC Gubby

Sep 12st: Won

12st Won: total lift 716lb

6 Apr Yorkshire Olympic trials, 638 lb total lift

June 27: Invited to compete in London. No evidence he took part.


Competed in World Championships in Paris 10-12 Sept 1937: Not placed

What I think happened is that Harold E Laurance, who usually competed at Light heavyweight class, was able to get his bodyweight low enough to compete at middleweight, and was able to outlift Charles. He would be the natural choice, meaning that Charles saw no value in competing.

Laurance disappears from competitions and capitalises on his success with private coaching and selling this contraption below:

C/o ThriftyAmos

Charles had an impressive career with many championships to his name, right up to competing for Britain at the World Championships.

From British souvenir programme

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