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Gotts Surname Family History


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Nicholas 3056 - of South Creake?

The records which definitely connect these families are not complete, however Nicholas 3056 son of Richard 843 and Ann Goodwin may have come back to Norfolk to live. He  could be Nicholas of South Creake, as he is the right age. That Nicholas died in 1639. If Robert's daughter Rebecca married Arthur Jex in South Creake in 1605, this would correlate with Nicholas having a daughter Rebecca in 1632.

Nicholas of South Creake’s will is:

Wife Margaret inherits all until after her death, then all to son Thomas.

Sons James, Nicholas, Robert, Margaret, Rebecca receive 10 each.

Marriage could be to Margaret Maye (b c 1567) in Holkham, 1614.

Their children:

Nicholas 3837 may then be Nicholas of Hempstead who died in 1684. His will is on the next page.

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