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Gotts Surname Family History


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Thanks to Ian Gotts of Kings Lynn for the information

Thomas 3059

Thomas 3059 b before 1587 married Bridget 3061 Aylsworth though we do not know where or when yet. Thomas seems to have inherited the title as he is referred to as Sir Thomas and Bridget Gotts in land deeds to do with Weston-sub-Edge. It turns out that these lands adjoin those of Sir Baptist Hicke, the King’s financier, and there is a deposition taken in a case between Thomas Gotts and Sir Baptist Hicke(s) in 1619 where Richard Gottes declares he has not paid a debt on Thomas Gotts's behalf. I am assuming that Richard is 3055 and Thomas is 3059, both sons of Richard 843.

Richard 3055

Richard 3055 was born between 1566 and 1587 based on the reference about ‘not being of age’ in his father’s will. He married Ann Newton in 1597 in Gt Ryburgh

Ancestral Ring

Mention is made of an ancestral ring containing the family’s coat of arms in the Will of Nicholas Gotts of Hempstead-by-Holt (1628-1684). This heirloom is bequeathed to his son Nicholas junior ( bp Hempstead 1670 ), who married at Hevingham in 1695 and had four children baptised at North Walsham between 1696 and 1701.

In the British Library, there is a lease signed in 1633 by Thomas Gotts which has a shellac seal still attached to it. It has been ascribed to Thomas Gotte of Gray’s Inn, but that is wrong. Reading the lease it is where Thomas Gotts 3059 is paying for half a house in Hinckley, Leics for his daughter and her husband William de Umfreville. The emblem is a Griffin’s body with outstretched wings. I have seen the seal and when the British Library allows free photography soon I hope to take a photo of it. It is possible that this is the same ring, though we don’t know how it would get to Nicholas.

036 - 4 Sons of Richard 843 Gotts

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