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Gotts Surname Family History


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Richard 843 Gottes of Cambridge & Ryborough

The spelling of Ryburgh varies through time. Richard 843 applied for the coat of arms and crest in Cambridge in 1619. He is shown at the bottom of the tree with the coat of arms.

Richard Gottes of Ryburgh, Gent., late of Clement’s Inn, was admitted to the Inner Temple on the 30th June 1578; he was called to the Bar in November 1590.

He died very shortly after being called and no further information about him personally or about his legal career exists. It appears that his widow Ann 3043 Goodwin remarried, firstly, a Thomas Gibson Esq of Thorpe next Norwich and secondly, on the 4th December 1617 at West Dereham Sir Thomas Dereham. She died in 1625.

Richard and Ann’s children include:

Question: what happened to the family? Did any survive to claim the use of the coat of arms?

Richard 843 and Sir Baptiste Hicke

There are a number of links which show that this family was well-connected. Richard 843 states in his will that a surety of 2000 is to be made to cover the bequests. In 1592 this would be a significant sum. It appears that his sons Richard and Thomas did well for themselves.

There is a deposition taken in a case between Thomas Gotts and Sir Baptist Hicke(s) in 1619 where Richard Gottes declares he has not paid a debt on Thomas Gotts's behalf. I am assuming that Richard is 3055 and Thomas is 3059, both sons of Richard.

In the same deposition papers is a statement by Thomas Horner of Chipping Camden who has land next to Sir Baptist Hicks' Camden Manor. He talks of Weston wood and the potential purchase of this.

There is a record in Gloucester RO of the sale of land in Weston Sub Edge to the Graves family:


 (Sir Thos. & Bridget Gotts and Geo. & Eliz. Walker, Moses]

This suggests that Thomas Gottes bought the land, probably from Sir Baptiste Hicks and eventually sold it to the Graves family.

In Norfolk RO there is a file - Papers re proceedings in Chancery between Sir Thomas Gottes and Thomas Windham re land in manor of East Beckham - ref. WKC 4/10, 399 x 8 - date: c. 1634-1639

So Thomas had become Sir Thomas by that time. Was it due to his connections with Sir Baptist Hicks?

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