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Gotts Surname Family History


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024 - 8 Children of John 448

James Philip 484 & Rosetta Susannah Black

James Philip 484 married Rosetta Susannah 3191 Black in Norwich in 1889. He was a baker in Norwich. Their children were:

 In practice, life for bakers was very hard around this time. The price of bread was being driven down by the manufactured loaf.

The death certificates for the children show the effects of poverty and being in the dusty environment.

In 1897 James filed for bankruptcy.

Philip was also able to inherit the title of Freeman of the City of Norwich by patrimony through his father John.

The Baker and Mrs Bunn

In the 1911 census at 37 Somerleyton St, Norwich we find:

James married Mary Bunn in late 1911.

Edward Thomas 451 & Alice Kuppers 3189 Allpress

Edward Thomas 451 married Alice Kuppers 3189 Allpress in 1903 in Norwich. They had two children.

Edward was a pupil teacher when he married, and is noted as a retired schoolmaster in the 1939 census, so he clearly stayed in that profession.

Pupil teacher training (1846 – early 20th century)

Originally, pupil-teacher training and education took place at elementary schools under the supervision of the headmaster.

After the Elementary Education Act 1870 training took place at separate establishments called pupil-teacher centres, with teaching practice at elementary schools.

From 1902 regulations for pupil-teacher training were tightened up and secondary education encouraged wherever possible. From 1907 the bursar system gradually replaced the pupil-teacher system.

C/o The National Archives

We are not aware of any living Gottses within this branch of the tree.

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