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Gotts Surname Family History


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John 448 & Mary Ann Winter

John 448 married Mary Ann Winter in 1858 in Norwich. They had several children in Norwich:

Unfortunately Mary Ann was very depressed after her last birth and committed suicide. It is not pleasant reading so if you wish to read the inquest click below.

024 - 7 John Story Gotts’s children

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George 446

George 446 married Harriet Fisher Reeve in 1857 in Norwich, however he died soon after in 1858, so no children are known.

In his will he gave his heraldic coat of arms to his wife Harriet, and his heraldic specimens to his brother John.

Do these heraldic specimens still exist?

John 448 & two Harrietts

After Mary Ann died in 1867, John married George’s widow Harriet Gotts nee Fisher Reeve in 1868. They had two children:

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Harriet Reeve died in 1882 aged 45, and John married for a third time to:

John and Harriet Muskett

Harriet 3188 later died in 1911, and John is noted still as solicitor’s clerk .

He dies in 1922 aged 93.

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John did well: he was an Attorney’s clerk when he was 22, and continued this, with his name appearing in several legal documents. In 1864 he joined the Freemasons.

He was admitted as an apprentice Scrivener in 1828 in Clements & Sons, and was admitted as a Freeman of the city of Norwich in 1852.