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Gotts Surname Family History


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024 - 2 Richard 4790 in Alby

Ann Smith’s will

Ann Smith’s will is interesting: dated 1688:

This suggests a tree like this:

Anne ? Married Mr Smith

Dau Mary Smith married ?? Gotts? (Exec) (40+, so b 1650-  married c 1670+)

 Mary had children

Richard Gotts (Exec) (20+ born no later than 1680)

George Gotts

Joan Gotts (sister, so not John)

Mary Gotts

We have not found a George marrying a Mary Smith yet, so it is possible this is not the right family. This is yet to be confirmed by record.

Within this family we have Richard and George, but we haven’t found Joan or Mary.

We have a Maria Gotts bp Thurgarton (next to Alby) 29 Jan 1685  of [ ?] Gotts & Maria, which could account for Mary, (wrongly identified as a burial!) However would a child be identified in a will when aged three?

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