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Gotts Surname Family History


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The move to Durham

Four brothers moved into Willington, Co Durham: John 617, Samuel 654, Michael Paul 592, Thomas 620

Samuel 654 and Christiana

John's brother Samuel 654 also moved to Willington, married Christiana 2002 Bond (previously Baines) in 1876 in the Auckland district. They had three girls and two boys according to the 1901 census where they are registered as Gott. (See Stories section about the Bond family) They were:

Michael Paul 592

Michael Paul 592 married Ann Tiffen 593 Percival in 1881 in Gateshead and they settled in Ryton in Co Durham. Their children lived there and several worked in the colliery at Blaydon:

John 617


John 617 moved to Willington in Co Durham, where he is recorded in the 1881 census as a widower with one daughter Mary 2338 b 1852 , and a housekeeper called Annie Gotts who is a boarder and a widow with a son RW b 1879. Pat Upsall believes that John's brother George 653 married Ann Hogg in Gateshead in 1873, but when George died in Sept 1880, she became housekeeper to John, as shown in 1881 census, and then married him. The 1891 census shows John and Annie married. This would make RW Robert William born in Tyneside in 1879.

I have no further information about his children Susannah 2006 b 1886 and John 2007 b 1891.

John 617 & Samuel 654 2331

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Samuel 654 and Christiana on their wedding day and a painting of them later in life.

022 - 2 The Gotts move to Durham

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