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Gotts Surname Family History


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Outline tree 009

Feb 2015 Three trees merged 009 Gresham, 049 Charles William, 122 John & Isabella

From what started as a stray John in the 1891 census, Ian Gotts in Kings Lynn and I have decided that both tree 122 and 049 should be merged into tree #009.

009 contains many Gresham Gottses, and two brothers appear to have gone to County Durham together. Two sons of Robert George 240 Gotts and Elizabeth Annison in Gresham are John Christmas 250 b 1818 and William 251 b 1821.

In tree #049 we have Charles William 853 b 1821 in Cromer, whose father we know to be called Robert. The Charles and his family appear in Seaham Harbour in Co Durham in the 1851 census after his marriage in 1846 to Ann Carr at Dalton-le-Dale, near there.  Jean Noble, who is linked to this tree, has suspected that this was William 251 as the dates of birth are the same and their father’s names are Robert. Cromer is only 5 miles from Gresham, and like we do ourselves we often say we are from the nearest big town.

It is crucial that Charles William has a daughter christened Isabella.

In tree #122 we have a John 3658 born 1818, Norfolk, and there is also an 1871 census record for a John on the boat “The Hartlepool” off Woolwich, born in Cromer c1817. His wife Isabella appears in the census as married but no husband John with him, so the conclusion is that her husband John is born in Cromer around 1817/8.

In 1891 John is living in Back Henry Street, in Dawdon, the same road that Charles William lived in in 1871.

And the fact that we have two Isabellas born in Easington in 1856 & 1858 who are daughters of Charles William and John, and it appears named after John’s wife Isabella.

This may not be a watertight case, but I look forward to any arguments that demonstrate it isn’t true!

009 - Research Notes

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