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Gotts Surname Family History


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John Henry 2799 and Mary Clark Hopkins

(son of Alfred 277 and Maria Howlett)

John Henry 2799 emigrated to Australia with his cousin Robert 1645 in 1888 on the "Scottish Lassie" and married Mary Clark 2835 Hopkins in 1890. They had at least one child, also called John Henry. John Henry later married Amy Mullins. Children of John Henry & Mary were all born around Footscray, Victoria, Aus and Melbourne, and are:

The ship the Scottish Lassie was an iron barque, McIlwraith and McEachaun being the shipping agents. The ship was built in 1877 and was of 1899 gross tons. The builders of the ship were Hall and Co of Aberdeen. In 1895 the ship was sold to France and renamed as the Alexander. the vessel was employed in the carrying of emigrants until 1880, after that it continued to trade to Australia for wool and primary produce. In 1880 steamers became more popular for transport of people. In 1925 the ship was broken up under the name of Le Galion.

From Bob Harris's website.

Charles 245 and Martha 256 (son of Samuel 235 and Martha Woodhouse)

Charles 245 married Martha 256 Bumphrey nee Greenacre, a widow, in Aylmerton in 1831. They had 6 children in Gresham including:

William 3226 & Florence Heeney

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