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Gotts Family History


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Here’s a list of the Gottses at the top of each of the main trees and what progress we’ve made in finding them

Tree ref

Main location

Current top Gotts



Samuel 235 Gotts was born in 1760 in Gresham, and married Martha 236 Woodhouse in 1787. The most likely fit is the baptism at Gresham in 1758 to William Gotts and Sarah Burton who married at Gresham in 1756.


Gresham, Bessingham

Thomas 319 was born in Gresham in 1810, illegitimate son of Elizabeth Gotts.  Elizabeth is the daughter of Thomas Gotts & Sarah Wegg in Gresham, now merged into tree 038 Gresham & West Beckham



William 309 Gotts married Matilda 310 Parsons in Aylmerton in 1822. A already a widower, he was born about 1790 in Gresham. His first marriage may have been to Priscilla Underwood in North Repps.


Barningham Town, Ingworth

John 3302 Gotts was born in Barningham Town about 1724 and married Martha Tyrell there in 1756. We need his parents



John 192 Gotts was born in Norwich in 1781, and married Mary Storey in Wymondham in 1802. We don’t have his baptism or parents



John 209 was born about 1786 and is first recorded in his marriage to Ann 172 Marshall in Bacton in 1809. We don’t know where he was born in Norfolk or his parents


Ryborough & London

Richard 1041 married Margaret 1042 who died c 1600.He had a brother Robert 1043 of Walsingham parva. We don’t have his baptism or parents


Gresham, West Beckham

John 2453 Gotts alias Witton was born in Gresham, either 1794 or 1799. We believe he married Mary Louger, but his earliest reference is their child’s baptism. We don’t know his baptism or parents

40 and 11

East Ruston, Hevingham, Stratton Strawless

William was born around 1725, supposedly in Stratton Strawless. The first record is his marriage to Margaret 738 Baldwin on 3 Jun 1745 at St Michael at Plea, Norwich. Following the birth of two girls, Margaret presumably died and William married Elizabeth 194 Burrage on 1 May 1757 at Hevingham. All now in#040


Pluckley, Kent

Possibly Holt

George 2396 was born about 1778, (place unknown) and with his wife Pleasance 2225 raised their family in Pluckley near Ashford in Kent. (Date of marriage also unknown).

Possible marriage in Holt 10 Oct 1805. George Gotts, Single man, married Pleasance Barber spinster by licence. Witnesses G Gotts & Eliza Gotts.

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