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040-7 James 109 - Miller at Dilham

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James 109 the Miller (son of George 101)

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Dilham watermill

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James 109 was born in East Ruston and was working as a miller at Roughton when he married Sarah Savory in Overstrand in 1830, a woman nearly 18 years his junior. Here they started their family Mary Ann 1141 (b 1830 m Charles Harris Ducker in 1849) and John 437( b 1831), then returned to the East Ruston area, where a further four children were born: James 130 ( b Honing 1835 ), Elizabeth 131( b Dilham 1839, m Peter George Payne in 1870), William 191(b Dilham 1841) and Sarah Maria 132 (b Dilham 1845).

James was a miller in and around Dilham for most of his life. By 1841 he employed a servant and by 1851 he had become a ‘master miller’, probably working on Mill Common, and involved in business with the Dilham and North Walsham Canal.

Their children settled in various areas:

Elsing mill

The free Census Online Project has the following entry for Elsing in 1861:        

    TAYLOR   John   Head   M   M   35   Flour Miller Foreman    Norfolk - Weston      

    TAYLOR   Eliza   Wife   M   F   39       Norfolk - Hellesdon

    TAYLOR   Matilda   Dau   -   F   11   Scholar    Norfolk - Hellesdon

    TAYLOR   Walter   Son   -   M   9   Scholar    Norfolk - Dilham      

    TAYLOR   Emma   Dau   -   F   7   Scholar    Norfolk - Hellesdon

    TAYLOR   Eliza   Dau   -   F   3       Norfolk - Elsing      

    TAYLOR   Anna   Dau   -   F   1       Norfolk - Elsing      

    GOTTS   James   Boarder   U   M   27   Flour Miller    Norfolk - Cromer      

Curiously, however, the family with whom James is boarding is named RUMP, not TAYLOR, the same family that can be found at Dilham in 1851(Rhump). Several birthplaces are also wrong. The RUMP and GOTTS families are interlinked with milling, with the Matilda marrying John 437, and Walter marrying John’s daughter Harriet by his first wife.

For details of mills on www.norfolkmills.co.uk click here

(Thanks to Ian Gotts of Kings Lynn for this)