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Gotts Family History


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How the name Gotts has spread -2




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1775- 1800

1775- George Gotts born in Euston, nr Thetford: earliest Methwold member (#098)

1783-John Gotts married Rebecca Rowe in Edgefield (#107)

1790- William born in Gresham, who married Matilda Parsons (#017)

1793- George Gotts born in Gt Yarmouth, whose descendants migrated to Hull (#053)

1796-John Gotts of Beckham tree born in Gresham (#038)

1786- Jesse Gotts born, lived in Bulphan Essex (#079)

1789- Samuel Gotts married Elizabeth in Bethnal Green, the earliest known start of a large London tree (#-83)


Many Gotts records: East Ruston, Ranworth, Gresham, Methwold, Northwold

1802-John Story Gotts born in Norwich (#024)

1805- Samuel Gotts/Bramble born in Oulton, his son Thomas later settled in Cromer as a tailor (#077)

1809- John Gotts married Ann Marshall: earliest known record of Bacton tree (#034)

1810- Thomas Gotts born in Gresham- earliest record of tree #016

1816-Robert Gotts born in Castleacre and married Susan Padgett/Gowers: their son Robert was born in Swaffham in 1839 and emigrated to Michigan (#097)

1822- Charles William Gotts born in Cromer (#049)

Gottses moving up the coast of England to the coalfields, in County Durham and Northumberland, to Hull, Middlesbrough

1806 Gotts baptisms in Lt Chart, Kent (#052)

1811- John Gotts born in Upminster (#109)

1816- John Gotts born in Stratford, London whose parents were from Cawston in Norfolk (#071)

1839- John and Caroline Gotts, originally from Reepham in Norfolk, started their family in St Pancras, London

1846- Charles William Gotts married in Easington, Co Durham (#049)

1818- John Gotts born in Bengal, E Indies, probably soldier from Lakenham (#091)

1833-Samuel Gotts born in England, who married Martha Preston and migrated to Ridgway, USA(#099)


1850-60 -Various Gottses moved to Hartlepool, Hull, Durham and Northumberland:(#022, #040)

1850+ John Gotts married Louisa of Aylsham and moved to Thirsk, in Yorkshire(#089)

1855-Peter James Gotts born in Brentford (#113)

1886- Part of Bacton family moved to Beckenham, Kent (#034)

Gottses emigrating to Australia, Canada, USA

1878- Robert Gotts married Georgina Elliston & emigrated to NSW- Son Francis born on the ship (#022)

1900 on

1908- Ernest Albert of Bacton tree emigrated to USA via Ontario (#034)

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