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Gotts Family History


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Notable Gottses

Richard Gotts: Rector of South Lynn died 1535

His name is engraved on the font cover at St George’s church in South Acre in Norfolk. See SNAPSHOTS 11

Charles Gotts: Bacton, died 1908

There is an official hero in the Bacton family, Charles, who saved a boy when a well they were digging collapsed and he died. He received the Carnegie Hero's Trust Medal for bravery: maybe YOU know where it is. See tree #034.

American Civil War

In 1861, August 7 there were Gottses in the Douglas County Home Guards, 75 men based in Vera Cruz, Indiana. William Gotts and John Gotts were listed as Union troops under General Lyons. They disbanded on 13 October 1861 and joined Colonel Phelps Missouri Volunteers at Rolla. See SNAPSHOTS 5

(source: Coonts family files  www.angelfire.com/CoontsFamilyFiles/Coonts.html)

John B Gotts OBE

Rose through HMSO to become Assistant Controller:

See John Benjamin Gotts

Jim Gotts Footballer

(James Atkinson 373 in tree #040)

Played for Ashington, Brentford and Brighton & Hove Albion

See Jim Gotts footballer

There are several other notable Gottses:

Richard of Rybrough who was granted the Gottes Coat of Arms. Here are the links to details of the coat of arms and the family who obtained them.

 Tree #036 Rybrough family  Gotts Coat of Arms

Andy Gotts, photographer:

Of living Gottses, Andy Gotts MBE must be the most well-known. His photos of famous people are dramatic and frequently seen in newspapers.

Andy’s website

Andy’s Facebook

Other Gottses with a web presence are shown on the tab below:

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