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Gotts Family History


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Known Families

Some families are well-documented and these can be referenced from this page. These have been built up from my own data and information from other researchers.(Reference numbers are to my index of trees)  I will add more summaries of these families over time, with the contact details of researchers.

If anyone wants a family adding then please send me details of their tree.

009-Samuel 235 born 1760 Gresham 017-William 309 Gotts and Matilda Parsons 022-Matthew 303 Gotts of Ingworth 024-John 192 of Gt Yarmouth & Norwich 034-John 209 Gotts of Bacton 036-Richards of Gt Ryborough & Cambridge 038/016-Thomas 3800 and Sarah Wegg Gresham 040/011-William 193 of Stratton Strawless 052-George 2396 of Little Chart, Kent 053-Hull families 071-John 556 of Cawston and Aldermaston 077-Samuel 1496 Gotts/Bramble of Oulton 079-Gotts of Bulphan 083-Samuel 2397 Bethnal Green 091-Thomas 1266 of Lakenham 092-John 574 Gotts of Ranworth 097-Robert 2116 of Swaffham 098-George 1944 of Methwold 108-George 2537 Reepham 109-Jonathan 1031 of Upminster 112-George 1719 and Mary Newman 114-Nathaniel 2963 of Ingworth 121-Samuel 3424 of Castleacre 124 - George 4240 and Sarah Barnes in Norwich

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