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Queries section

This section is to post any queries that anyone looking for Gottses. Please send your query to me and I will include it here with your email address.

Some queries from the old Queries Forum have been included here: if anyone wishes more to be included then please let me know.

Ian Gotts (St Albans)


My 3X great grandfather was Samuel Gotts Bramble - born Oulton 1801, he was illegitimate and used mother's surname of Bramble until 1840s when he began to use GOTTS. His half brother, used Bramble although his mother, Susannah Bramble married Charles Bunton/Bunting.

I have come up against brick walls and no success in identifying Samuel's father - just assume he's a GOTTS. There was a family named Gotts in Oulton at end of 18th c so possibly one of the sons could be him. Another possible contender is a Luke Gotts who lived & died in Aylsham (near Oulton) I don't think I will ever solve this but if anyone has info. that would definitely eliminate any of these possibilities it would be useful.

William and Margaret GOTTS - Brandiston 1746

Looking for the identity of William and Margaret GOTTS, who are recorded in Free Reg as having daughters Mary and Susan baptised in 1745 and 1746/7 at Brandiston and Whitwell respectively. There might be a link to the William GOTTS (Tree 040), who married Margaret BALDWIN at St Michael at Plea, Norwich, in 1745 and had children baptised at Hevingham between 1748 and 1765. There might also be a connection to Richard and Ann GOTTS, who had a son Richard baptised at Brandiston in 1722. Richard Junior would be a close contemporary of William GOTTS, possibly a sibling, while Richard Senior might be the one baptised at Alby in 1698, son of George and Maria GOTTS. Finally, a Richard GOTTS, married man of Hevingham, is buried at Alby in 1752; his widow is perhaps the Ann GOTTS of Hevingham who married Samuel HOWES (w) by licence at East Ruston in 1758.

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Samuel Gotts & Dinah Gotts of N Barningham & Thursford, born abt 1690

Samuel married Susan Shepherdson in 1736 in N Barningham. Children include:Sam, Susan, Mary, Jane, Sarah, Ann, and Dinah.

Dinah married Richard Rought in 1773 in Thursford, and raised children in Bessingham. Any info welcome

Rick Hughey