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John Dixon 757 Gotts

John Dixon 757 Gotts is the grandfather of Craig Spencer. Craig wrote:

“My Grandpa was a cabinet maker and built part of the High Altar at Durham Cathedral. He worked as a fireman during World War II as he was a conscientious objector during the war and did not believe in fighting - a decision which I believe caused him some hardship during the war.

John Dixon's father and at least one uncle (Samuel) were cabinetmakers as well.”

Emma Sarah Gotts

Emma Sarah was the companion of Sarah Barcham in Norwich who died in 1926. Someone had found a bible given to Sarah Barcham by her niece in a pile of books outside a bargain shop. We have now found a relative and put them in touch with the owner of the bible.

In Emma Sarah's will of 1928, she makes reference her brother Charles Robert and his wife Emily Christiana, her cousin Mrs Louisa Parson as well as donations to the British foreign Bible Society an the London Jewish Society. She also contributed towards the 'Sarah Barcham' bed in Jerusalem hospital. (tree#017)

Notes of transcript of Alfred Gotts

Frank Alfred Gotts b 1894- British Library recording

If you search the British Library records you can find some recordings of interviews done by Essex University as part of a research project on 'Experiences of Edwardian England.' One of the recordings consists of 9 CDs containing 10 hours of interviews with Frank Alfred Gotts, known as Alfred. He describes his life in Stepney as a child, living in Silver St, then Gold St. He talks about his grandparents being in charge of the horses for the night mail up to Ipswich and Colchester.

He's not very forthcoming about the names of his family, only referring to his son as ' the boy', and his daughter as ' the girl', and doesn't name his parents, though he lists his brothers as Mark, Joe, Fred, Ted, Sid, but doesn't name his sisters. He mentions that Ted had to go to an Industrial School in Manchester, where he stayed for seven years.

Alfred is #1666 from tree 083. The notes I made when listening to the CDs are available below.

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