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A Gotts reunion for Robert and Susan Padgett

Memories from Amelia Woodford (aunt of Hugh Woodford):

"John Gott was my great grandfather and lived at Waltham Abbey. My grandfather Samuel used to visit him occasionally. The family name is GOTT not GOTTS. My mother told me that her father used to get merchandise from London and the people he dealt with would persist in addressing him as Gotts. At last he added an 's' to his name with a hyphen Gott-s, but afterwards the hyphen was dropped. (Later found not to be true- IG)

My great grandfather John Gott was in a government position in excise. He was a healthy man and started to build a piano when he was 90 years old, but he let a piece of timber fall on one of his feet and crushed it and that was the end of his piano building.

He lived two years after that and died at 92 years. He had 4 sons, Samuel, John, William and George. John was in the excise too."

The degree to which John moved around is shown in the Excise Board minutes:

1782- appointed assistant at Watford

1783- Officer in Aldermaston

1789- Officer in Wokingham

1791- Officer in Uxbridge

1796- Officer in Kingston

1802- Officer in Rickmansworth

1807- Officer in Leighton

1808- Officer in Hoddesdon

1813- Officer in Cheshunt

1815- Officer in Hertford

1820- Officer in Ware

John 556- Excise Officer (tree #071)

A Gotts reunion was held for descendants of Robert Gotts and Susan Padgett (tree #097) in 1994. Details were written up in the 'Newsweekly'

"Dr and Mrs Arthur Gotts of Vero Beach, Fl, Mr & Mrs Gotts of Gotts Corner, Caseville, and Carol McBride of Rochester Hills hosted a family reunion at the Franklin Inn, Bad Axe on Sunday 14 August 1994 for the descendants of Robert and Hannah Gotts and David and Alice Gotts Horton.

A short program was emceed by Dr Arthur Gotts. Carol McBride presented the Gotts family tree and a reading of “ An Ode to the Family” by Edith Bouck ( on her 75th birthday).

Irma Truran, 87-year-old grand-daughter of Robert and Hannah gave a reading on their lives.

Prizes were awarded to the following: Irma Truran, Evvet Gotts, Danicka Hewitt, Jay McBride and Robert McBride. Gotts family reunion T-shirts were distributed to the children by Mrs Arthur Gotts.

A floral arrangement by Debbie Dallas, great, granddaughter of Robert and Hannah, graced the table. An old framed picture of Susan Padgett, mother of Alice and Robert, was exhibited by Freida Horton Hyzer, granddaughter of Alice Gotts Horton.

Following the program, all were invited to tour the family homestead grounds at Gotts Corner, the farm home of William and Donna Gotts, in the family since 1864. Many items of family memorabilia were on display at the Gotts home and Franklin Inn.

Balloons were released to commemorate the lives and legacy of Gotts ancestors, including two white ones in memory of Robert and Hannah, four pink ones for their daughters and seven blue ones for their seven sons.

About 75 relatives attended from California, Wisconsin and various points in Michigan.

Thanks to Nancy Carlson-Gotts for this

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