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Jim Gotts - footballer

James Atkinson 373 Gotts was born in 1917 in Seaton Delaval and is in tree #040. Both he and my father James Atkinson 414 Gotts were first cousins named after their uncle of the same name who died in WW1.

James Atkinson Gotts WW1

In 2014 new Wikipedia page went up as part of a project to add footballers, and Jim Gotts now has his own Wikipedia page which describes his career with Ashington, then Brentford and finally Brighton & Hove Albion.

Jim Gotts wikipedia page

I did meet him once in the 1980’s. My dad stayed with us and we went to see Jim and his wife Maisie when they lived near Stanmore. Working out which Jim wanted a cup of tea was fun! My Dad showed Jim the Dead Man’s Penny that was handed down from when their uncle James Atkinson died. I hadn’t realised that Jim had been a professional footballer.

I can’t find a photo of Jim as a footballer, so if anyone has one I will put it up on the website.

eBay autograph: hover over to enlarge

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