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Gotts Family History


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112-George 1719 and Mary of Norwich

George 1719 and Mary Newman

George (1719) Gotts, was noted as a blacksmith on his son Samuel's marriage certificate. There is a marriage to Mary (1727) Newman at St Helens in Norwich in 1818.

Peck's Norwich Directory for 1802 has a George GOTTS, smith and farrier, at 5 St Augustine Street.

Freemen of Norwich 1752-1837 has a George GOTTS non-apprenticed whitesmith on 18 June 1804. Their children include:

Question: Who were George's parents?

Samuel 1718

Samuel 1718 bp c 1821 in Norwich, married Mary Ann 1715 Piggin in 1848 in Thorpe Episcopi. Their children include:

Samuel's father was noted as George (1719) a blacksmith,

Samuel and Mary Ann lived in Gransby Row, Barrack St, Norwich in 1851, with Joseph and Eliza.

Question: What happened to Samuel, Mary Ann and Eliza? They are not there in 1861.

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Barrack Street Norwich

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