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About this website

Welcome to this website for Gotts surnames

I set up this website to help anyone researching the Gotts surname. I hope you enjoy finding out what is here. Let’s give you some idea of what is on it.

Where I can fit a Gotts into a tree I have given them a reference number to make it easier to separate, eg the 100 Johns and 150 Georges. Each tree has a number and I often use the ‘#’ symbol to indicate this. The trees are in the ‘Known families section’ and there are indexes to the people on the ‘Site Index’ page.

The ‘Home’ tab can be reached from anywhere, including by clicking on the coat of arms. It provides basic introductions to what is on the site and where to find the search facilities, which are also accessible on the Dropdown menu.

The website is divided up into Tabs across the top with the main headings, and there are dropdown menus to the pages under that tab. In many sections there is an extra dropdown menu of ‘Pages to see’ at the top, so you can then browse to the page you want. This way it is easier to find your way through the 280 or so pages.

The Site Indexes page is the ideal starting point to find out about your Gotts. There is also a Search box which looks across all the site pages and the newsblog.

If you have been on the website previously but can’t find your tree listed look at the Merged trees index to see where we have able to link it together.

The site shows trees on the  ‘Known Gotts Families’ to allow researchers to see which family is theirs. The content comes from both me and the many researchers who have provide information for inclusion on the site.

(eg Known Gotts families/040/011 – William 193 of Stratton Strawless)

The detail stops around 1900 to preserve data privacy of living people, whilst providing the links to anyone who can get back to 1911 census.

'About the Name' discusses the origins of the name, the coat of arms and has guidance where they might have lived, as well as where Gottses have made their mark in print or on the Internet.

(eg About the Name/Location of Gottses  - which has links to pages for each area)

The 'News' page has a blog where recent items are added. This is searchable (as is the whole site) through the Search box and there are additional indexes by date and topic. Occasionally it contains a list of what is new on the site. This is also sent out as an email to c 80 researchers who wish to receive it.

The 'Snapshots' section captures anecdotes about Gottses. It has a list of articles on the front page.

'Features' is a repository of records and family history on diverse topics. Click here to go to the next page with description of all the different information held there.

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