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Gotts Surname Family History


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Robert J Pigott 769 and Emily 771 Austin (second marriage)

Robert 769 married Emily 771 Austin in Walsingham district in 1893 after Anna Maria Pells died in 1889. Their children in Morston include:

Clifford Henry 772

Clifford Henry 772 married Elsie 775 Clarke in 1928 in Woodbridge district, and their family settled in Ipswich and Deben district.

Robert Barnabus 802

Robert Barnabus 802 married Gertrude Elizabeth 806 Dann in St Faiths in 1910. Their families are in Norwich and Australia.

Obadiah Pells 803

Obadiah Pells 803, married Rose Ethel 808 Cullingford in 1910, and raised their family around Norwich.

Charles William 804

Charles William 804 married Joyce 809 Davis in Docking district in 1909. Their family were in Kings Lynn, Downham and Wayland district.

Edward James 774

Edward James 774 married Bessie 777 Dowsing in 1920 in Walsingham district, and their family settled in Barnby and Smallburgh districts. Edward later married Dorothy 778 Youngman.

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Obadiah Pells Gotts in WW1 uniform

Robert and Gertrude Gotts c 1950 c/o Cynthia Nisbet